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Mar 29, 2022

Want to know what the secret to scaling is?
Being willing to feel rejection, shame and failure.
Being "willing" does NOT mean you WILL feel these things.
When you scale, you are intentionally stepping out as a thought leader on a larger stage. Your primitive brain sees this as danger because you are leaving the tribe. The same tribe that keeps you safe and alive. Therefore scaling = danger in your primitive brain.
Thank GOD for our higher brain 🙂 That's the area of the brain where we can think like it's 2022 and not cavewoman days.
I had a crash course in feeling the most horrific feelings when we lost Harper and what I learned is that many of us walk around thinking about the feelings we are feeling and avoiding feeling them. We don't actually FEEL them in our bodies.
I will help you navigate scaling and feelings in today's episode.

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